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Stitchy C - Dizzlexic Dialogue

$5.00 - On Sale

**includes FREE Stitchy C "Coffee & Cigarettes" 11x17" poster**

Order your copy of the Anti-Authority Records re-issue of Stitchy C's debut 2009 album "Dizzlexic Dialogue". Some songs off the original have been taken off and replaced with the best off of 2011's "Pendulum of Destruction" EP. Get it today!

1. Dizzlexic Dialogue
2. Step Up
3. Welcome 2 Da Boro
4. Put Ya Cup Up (feat. Delusional)
5. Destruction
6. Coffee & Cigarettes
7. Whip Go Snap
8. Rise & Fall
9. The Mic Is A Toy
10. Take a Journey (Interlude)
11. So Sweet
12. Tonight (feat. Konisa)
13. She Got A Disease
14. Carolina's Takin' Ova (feat. ILLPO)
15. T.H.C.
16. Headbangers (feat. Barber-Q & L.I.V.E.)
17. One Night Stand
18. Something Wicked

Release Date: March 5th, 2013