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Liberty! - Outlaw Hooligans EP


1. Still Standing
2. Raise Your Glass
3. Fight Time
4. Hooligan Youth
5. Louie Louie

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Release Date: 5/12/2004 on Feeder Fish Records

Liberty! is a hardcore punk rock band formed in 2002 by co-founder & head VP of Anti-Authority Records, TJ Liberty!, who after founding Anti-Authority, went on to create seperate label called Feeder Fish Records with the intent of releasing punk rock related music & product only. Outside of Liberty!'s out-of-print "Disorderly Conduct" EP that came out in 2003, the follow-up EP "Outlaw Hooligans", released in 2004 is the band's 1st and ONLY professional release to date. They toured the country, made an undeniable mark in the punk scene, and recorded a never-before-heard full length album, ALL the while destroying everything in their path before they finally disbanded in 2008. Although these Florida punk rock legends have no intention of starting the band back up, there has been talk of a Liberty! discography album which will include EVERY song ever recorded by the band. Will it happen? We'll see...

TJ Liberty! - Vocals
Patrick - Guitar/Vocals
Fro - Bass/Vocals
Scum - Drums/Vocals

TJ Liberty! - Vocals
Patrick - Guitar
Delusional - Bass/Vocals
Scum - Drums