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Caffiends - No Gods No Decaf

Image of Caffiends - No Gods No Decaf


Order your copy of Caffiends sophomore release "No Gods No Decaf" and receive the CD itself and stickers. You may also get the album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or anywhere digital music is streamed or sold!

01. Anthem For a Shittier Tomorrow
02. Succubus
03. S.S.D.Decade
04. I Was a Teenage Bagboy
05. Hello Reality
06. P.C. Master Race
07. Pullout Generation
08. Dillinger Four is a Gateway Drug
09. Nacho Bender
10. Derella Gorilla
11. A Light at the End of the Funnel
12. Hangover Farts
13. I Wanna Get a Mohawk
14. No Gods No Decaf

Release Date: August 21st, 2015