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Caffiends - Caffiends

Image of Caffiends - Caffiends

$8.00 - On Sale

Party Punk rock band CAFFIENDS self-titled debut album!

1.) (Life's a) Salad (And Your Gonna Toss it)
2.)Where There's A Wilma There's A Way
3.) Drunk Since Atlanta
4.) I Caffiend
5.) Tall Boys For Short Girls
6.) It's A Time Machine Asshole!
7.) C.P.R.
8.) Excluded By You
9.) Goodbye Consciousness
10.) Step It Up
11.) Dani Is a Bike Punk
12.) Fight Team Fight
13.) Blood Stained Eyes
14.) Liquid Girl
15.) Smoke N Monsters
16.) Hung Up!

Release Date: January 4th, 2014